Different Hearing Aids Technology and how it Works


        Nowadays, hearing aid types varies in their circuitry or technology. During the stone age, hearing aid technology involved vacuum tubes and large, heavy batteries. While in this highly digital age, microchips, computerization, and digitized sound processing are used in hearing aid design. However, you have to make sure that you chose a trusted audiologists in order for you to have an excellent hearing service.

Types of Hearing Aids

  • Digital programmable

         Generally,  hearing aids have all the features of analog programmable aids but use digitized sound processing (DSP) to convert sound waves into digital signals. To simply determine whether the sound is noise or speech, a computer chip in the aid analyzes the signals. It then makes changes to produce a clear, amplified, distortion-free signal.

         Usually,  Digital hearing aids are self-adjusting.  The sound it transmits matches your specific pattern of hearing loss given the fact that the digital processing allows for more flexibility in programming the aid. This kind of advanced hearing technology is the most expensive, but it offers many advantages. In which the key benefits  are the following:

  • There’s a  management of loudness discomfort
  • There’s improvement in programmability
  • There’s control of acoustic feedback  or whistling sounds
  • There’s a noise reduction
  • There’s a greater precision in fitting

          Moreover, find the latest style of hearing aids that can store several programs. In which you can change the hearing aid settings as your listening environment changes. In fact, this can be usually done by pushing a button on the hearing aid or by using a remote control to switch channels. If your hearing or hearing needs change, then the aid can be reprogrammed by the audiologist. These aids can be more expensive than conventional analog hearing aids. Nevertheless,  in different listening situations, this can still provide better hearing for you and the good thing is they generally have a longer lifespan.

  • Conventional analog

          Based on your audiogram, hearing aids are designed with a particular frequency response. Usually, the audiologist tells the manufacturer what settings to install. The aid essentially amplifies all sounds like speech and noise in the same way although there are some adjustments. This technology is the least expensive, and good thing is, it can be appropriate for many different types of hearing loss.

  • Analog programmable

          Most of the hearing aids have a microchip that allows the audiologist to program the aid for different listening environments. For instance, environments include quiet conversation in your home, noisy situations like a restaurant, or large areas like a theater. The programming settings vary on your individual hearing loss profile, speech understanding, and range of tolerance for louder sounds.

         On the other hand, the clinic like in Pindrop they have hearing aids that have basic components that make them work while the sound processing involved in modern hearing aids.  The basic function of a hearing aid are as follows:

  • From the receiver, the signal is channeled into the ear canal, either through a small tube or through an ear mold.
  • Sound waves enter through the microphone, which converts acoustic signals into electrical signals.
  • A battery is required to power the hearing aid and enable the amplification process
  • From the amplifier, the signal is then transformed back to an acoustic signal by the receiver (a miniature loudspeaker).
  • The amplifier increases the strength of the electrical signal.

         In finding a complete hearing aid services you have to make sure that you have chosen the right one. Since everything is highly digitalized still you need to see a professional when it comes to hearing condition.


Things to Consider Before Buying Custom Earplugs for Sleeping



Are you having difficulty in sleeping due to  the noise around you such as traffic, noisy neighbor, barking of dogs, snoring partner, etc? Stopping the noise can be a difficult one,but it does not  that you will compromise your  sleeping habit. Earplugs will save you from all frustrations.

Using an earplugs is the best thing you can do to prevent  your ears from harmful level of noise likewise it provides excellent comfort when sleeping.  It is inserted into the ear to block some disruptive sounds. There are many types of ear plugs on the market but try to consider the following  things so you can find the right pair for your situation:

Know how much noise reduction you need from your earplugs: Take a look at the noise reduction rating (NRR) on the box to find out how much sound it cancels out. Remember that better quality plugs have a rating between 21 and 33.

It is important to consider where and when you’ll use the earplugs:  Custom molded earplugs with a lower NRR are capable of blocking out traffic noise ,TV , radio. On the other hand if your profession consistently puts you near loud equipment or music in contrast, you will need ear plugs with a higher NRR rating.

Try to examine the different materials that earplugs are made from:  Foam is the most basic material in some kind of earplugs. During insertion the foam is compressed then it expands to plug the canal.Silicone plugs are allowing you to create a plug that fits your ear perfectly because it is molded over the outside of the ear canal.  After several uses, both silicone and foam plugs must be disposed properly.

Consider the situation that you really need to use an  earplugs:  Foam and silicone earplugs are pretty great for casual used. Likewise certain professions and situations warrant investing in specialized earplugs. If you are a musicians you must be often have custom ear plugs molded because you will be exposed for a long time around loud music during your practice and final performance. This will allow you to hear yourself while blocking out harmful noise around you. That’s why it is better for find clinic in Toronto like in Pindrop they offers different kinds of earplugs that are customly-fitted and designed well.

One way to prevent yourself from sudden hearing loss because of too  much exposure from harmful noise  is by using earplugs. Earplugs are a popular solution for blocking or lowering the volume of incoming noise and for protecting the ear from dangerous sound environments such as heavy machinery  or rock concerts.

Likewise, if you are struggling with your snoring partner you can desire to buy earplugs for sleeping, you must find the best clinic in Toronto. A clinic that offers excellent variety of   ear plugs. Don’t forget to always consider choosing an  advanced-technology hearing protection that will surely  suits to your budget too.

Senior Man's Ear with Hearing Aid

Earplugs are quite useful, their application should be treated with care properly for they can cause problems including discomfort and inconvenience, and in rare cases, issues such as inner ear infections, tinnitus and hearing loss.Love your ears as much as how you secure a good night sleep to yourself.

Three things to know before getting BTE Hearing Aids

Okay, so there are so many things to consider when you have been diagnosed to possibly have a case of mild or profound hearing loss – but instead of wallowing in sadness, you better get up and find a system that can help you regain what was supposed to be lost. This is why technology rocks – things that was impossible before has become possible now. People who can’t hear are given the capability to hear again by using something small that has a lot of big things to offer.


BTE Hearing Aids Canada made are the talk of town right now when it comes to BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aids. These hearing aids are sleek and thin and can be put behind the ear and not even be so visible (only the ones who really know you or too observant can tell) to the next person. Pindrop Hearing Centre is one of the few who first introduced this one of a kind tool to help people with hearing impairments.

What are the three things?

Quality BTE Hearing Aids are not hard to find if you only know where to go, and in that case, Pindrop is the answer. Some of the Advantages of using BTE Hearing Aids are the battery is easy to change, volume is easy to adjust, cleaning becomes an ease, it is very durable, feedback is minimal that makes quality sound and can be amplified unlike other hearing aids.


However, there are three things to consider about BTE hearing aids, and here they are –

  • It is huuuuge – okay, not that huge but it is bigger compared to other hearing aids, especially now that smaller and invisible ones have been announced available in the market.  But just because it is big means that you can’t lose it as fast as the smaller ones, and a hearing aid this size is more capable of catching most sounds compared to the small ones.
  • Longer power – this type of BTE hearing aid has a large battery which makes for a long life for the hearing aid and its capability to bring much better quality of sound to the bearer.
  • It can go wireless – this device is not outdated as people think it is. It can also do stuff that the small ones can. You can get this connected to the television, a mobile video player, a home or mobile phone and can hear as if you didn’t have a hearing aid.

Looking at this list, you shouldn’t even consider because BTE hearing aids seem like a good option for you. However, always ensure that your doctors agrees to it a hundred percent before you purchase it.

Where can I get a BTE hearing aid?

The best place to go is at Pindrop Hearing Centre where you can discover the best BTE hearing aids – this place has all the hearing aid options you need. Not only are they experts at providing ear health care, but also at giving you an opportunity to hear the birds sing again. To know more about BTE hearing aids, you can always visit one of our sites like Abbotsford or call them up at 604-557-1350. Also drop by the website where you can see all the contact list –! Call or visit today so you can get the best hearing consultation that you need!